Make Your Pool Look Like New

Providing Quality and Excellence for Customer Satisfaction

We have made a name for ourselves in the Pool Resurfacing and Restoration business by providing quality services in Chicago and the entire state of Illinois. Our excellence in restructuring and restoration of swimming pools has built us a nationwide reputation to be proud of. We value the trust of our customers and strive towards high customer satisfaction with the use of the best and safest materials to restore your pool back to its original beauty.

We have years’ worth of expertise in renovating pool interior, deck resurfacing, tile install, pool gutters and structure crack repair while also making diving wells deeper and additions of zero-depth walk-in pools.

Our Specialization in Pool Resurfacing and Restoration is backed by the use of Durable & Warranty Covered Materials.

Our specialization in pool renovation and pool plaster is due to the fact we only use and promote interior pool finishes which have a warranty that will last. We offer traditional plaster and Diamond Brite with both products having a minimum 5 year limited warranty on labor and materials.

Pool water is corrosive and most renovation jobs require a new interior which can be effectively facilitated through the installation of INTER-GLASS®. Our exclusive interior pool finish, INTER-GLASS® is the most resilient pool interior in America. INTER-GLASS® is built to last the life of a pool and comes with a 25 year limited warranty. Fiberglass coatings and PVC membrane liners used in both gunite and stainless steel pools cause problems after a few years. INTER-GLASS® has been used as a replacement by most of our customers for a quality renovation which is also safe and beautiful.

Cost-Effective Commercial Pool Restoration and Repair in Chicago, Illinois

You can check our work in commercial pool restoration in counties, towns and cities in and around Chicago, Illinois. We work with cost-efficiency to bring your pool back in shape with the use of the best and the safest of materials. Working with such a cost-effective policy, restoration projects for large pool complexes is easy on your wallet. All this comes with the use of warranty covered materials to keep you safe from paying any further repair bills.

We Renovate and Restore Residential Pools

We travel all across Illinois for resurfacing and renovation of Indoor, School, Hotel and residential pools using regular plaster or our revolutionary INTER-GLASS®, the most resilient pool interior finish.

Apart from renovating commercial pools, we are also proficient in restoring high-end residential pools across Chicago and the surrounding counties and towns.